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Susan Johnson


This is me: author, incurable Australian, friend, feminist, ambivalent mother skewered by love and struck by eternal wanderlust. I lived for many years in the UK, France and Greece and now find  myself living in Brisbane, Australia. I agree with Martin Amis that “the first thing that distinguishes a writer is that he is most alive when alone.” Except I am a woman, committed to writing the best prose I can, bringing books to you since 1986.

From Where I Fell


An anguished email from Pamela Robinson in Australia to her ex-husband in Paris accidentally ends up in the inbox of New York State teacher Chrisanthi Woods. Chrisanthi is sympathetic to Pamela’s struggles and the women begin to tell each other the stories and secrets of their lives.

Pamela, responsible for raising her three sons, must re-invent the meaning of home following her divorce, and Chrisanthi, her dreams long dampened, must find home by leaving it. Temperamental opposites, their emails turn into an exhilarating and provocative exchange of love, loss and fresh beginnings, by turns amusing, frank and confronting.

What they say ...